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FSDMenu is a Microsoft access based self generating menu that allows for easy updates to menus without the need to import custom toolbars. All the data for the menus are stored in tables and you can have as many menus defined as you have space in the database to hold the toolbar definitions.



Called by FSDStart

Programming Guide

Guide Layout:





Public Function FSD_Menu_BlankTable()

Creates a blank table to be populated by the user for another menu bar.


Public Function FSD_Menu_BuildFromBar()

Function to display a menu bar that is used to activate the reading of existing menu bar and storing the data in a table for use by FSDMenu.

Public Function FSD_MenuClick()

Function called when a choice is made to read a menu bar.

Private Sub ReadBar(TblName As String, Cbar As Variant, Level As Double)

Function to read the menu bar in question and store in a properly formatted table.


Public Function FSD_Menu_Version()

Returns the version number of the FSDMenu Code

Public Function FSD_BuildMenu(TableName As String)

Calls the FSDMenu routine

Private Sub FSDMenu(TableName As String)

Private Sub FSD_Btn_Add(DB As Database, TableName As String, FieldNames() As String, FieldMins() As Double, CmdBar As Object, ByRef MinRecSet As Recordset, ByRef Level As Integer)

Button Types:

  • ComboBox
  • DropDown
  • Edit
  • PopUp
  • Button

Button Properties:Warning: Not all properties work with all button types

  • Type (required)
  • ID
  • BeginGroup
  • Caption
  • TooltipText
  • DescriptionText
  • Enabled
  • Visible
  • Height
  • Width
  • HelpContextId
  • HelpFile
  • OnAction
  • Parameter
  • Tag
  • Style
  • Automatic
  • Caption
  • Icon
  • IconAndCaption
  • IconAndCaptionBelow
  • IconAndWrapCaption
  • IconAndWrapCaptionBelow
  • WrapCaption
  • Label
  • Normal
  • State
  • Down
  • Mixed
  • Up
  • FaceId
  • Picture
  • Mask
  • HyperlinkType
  • InsertPicture
  • None
  • Open

Private Sub FSD_MinsRecset(DB As Database, TableName As String, MenuFields() As String, ByRef RecSet As Recordset)

Private Sub FSD_CmdBar_Add(DB As Database, MenuTableName As String, MenuFields() As String, MenuValues() As Double, ByRef CmdBarName As String)

  • Name
  • Position
  • Bottom
  • Floating
  • Left
  • MenuBar
  • Popup
  • Right
  • Top
  • Temporary
  • True
  • False

Private Sub FSD_Menu_Fields(DB As dao.Database, TableName As String, ByRef FieldNames() As String)

Private Sub FSD_CmdBar_Remove(CommandBarName As String)

Private Function FSD_Where_String(MenuFields() As String, MenuFieldsValue() As Double) As String


Public Function FSD_Menu_SQL(SQLSource as String)

Helps to call an SQL string directly from the menu.

Public Function FSD_Menu_Table(MenuName as String)

Helps to open a Table directly from the menu.

Public Function FSD_Menu_Query(QueryName as String)

Helps to open a Query directly from the menu.

Public Function FSD_Menu_Form(FormName as String)

Helps to Open a Form directly from the menu.

Public Function FSD_Menu_Report(ReportName as String)

Helps to Preview a Report directly from the menu. Preview being different from opening. Opening a report results in printing immediately when called from code. Preview has the same result as double clicking on a report.