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Spring Cleaning

the site is being maintained. please bear with us. 2020/04/18

Welcome to the Free State Drivers[1] Wiki page.

Free State Drivers offers no warranty to the information represented in this WIKI. All data is FREE (donations appreciated if the information is found helpful :-) ) and for educational purposes only. There is no substitute for actual training or technical support.


Free State Drivers now offers a managed forums section to its website. This area is intended to allow users to help each other on a number of topics. The administrators will monitor and regulate these forums as needed and when topics are found to need explaining new wiki pages will be added on these topics.

Wiki accounts and forum accounts are separate so if you have an account with one you don't automatically have an account with the other.


Categories are being employed for simpler searching and management. While namespaces seemed like a good idea they were not as user friendly as hoped.