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The process of updating an FPS menu in Access 2007 or greater can be a quick and simple fix to get additional features in an older database that those features have been renamed or moved. Here are the necessary steps to do the update process. While the demonstration here is for FPS Version 7 the same process is used on version 6 of FPS. Keep in mind that this is an UPDATE so you should not use this to go from version 6 to version 7.

Remove Old Toolbar

If you are in the process of updating the FPS menu you are aware that this can be found under the MS Access Ribbon under the Add-Ins section. When you navigate to that section of the ribbon you should find something that looks similar to the following image.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-08-11.png

Now it is necessary to hover over one of the menu items in the list. In the following example you can see by the highlighting that Growth is the item being hovered over.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-08-29.png

It is now necessary to right click on the menu item so that a context menu will show up as seen below.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-08-40.png

you must now select to Delete Custom Toolbar. This will delete the entire contents of that toolbar. Including any customization that may have been done by you. However this is necessary to import the new toolbar. This process is shown in the following image.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-08-57.png

As seen in the following image you will be warned. To continue this process you will need to select yes. Once this process is done the toolbar can not be recovered.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-09-10.png

The resulting Ribbon should appear to be similar to the following image. Differences may occur depending on user settings. You can see that there was only one toolbar in this database and now the Add-ins section is missing. If you had more than one legacy toolbar that should still remain in the Add-ins section.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-09-38.png

Importing Replacement Toolbar

We must now assume that you have removed the old toolbar. If you have not Access will not import the new toolbar because a toolbar of the same name already exists.

Go to the external data section of the MS Access Ribbon.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-54-56.png

Once you have navigated to the External Data section you should see something that looks like the following image and you will want to select Access as the source.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-55-07.png

After selecting Access the following screen will appear. Click Browse to get the option to locate the file with the toolbar of interest.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-56-13.png

Navigate to your data folder location so that you can use the appropriate "Zero" database to update from.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-56-33.png

Select the appropriate "Zero" database as seen in the image below.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-56-41.png

Once you have selected the appropriate file and clicked open your screen should look similar to the following. Click OK to continue.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-56-50.png

The following dialog will appear. Select options to expand the advanced options section.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-57-02.png

The dialog should now have changed to the following image.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-57-12.png

Select Menus and Toolbars.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-57-33.png

Click OK to continue.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-58-03.png

You should have now returned to the main Access screen with the standard ribbon. You will notice that the Add-ins menu has returned.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-58-30.png

Select the Add-ins menu and you will now see the updated FPS menu.

File:UpdUpg2007Menu 2014-03-05 14-58-52.png

While this has updated the toolbar be aware that it may be necessary to update the modules and macros in the FPS database to match the toolbar items.

For further assistance contact FBRI Technical support