FPS Window is Unresponsive to User Input

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This can happen because of 2 reasons both of which can be solved easily.

MS Outlook Management of User Input

The solution to this problem can be solved by closing MS Outlook. Be aware that some configurations may have MS Outlook minimize on close instead of actually closing. If the MS Outlook icon is still in the toolbar and running just right click and select close.

Windows 7 Management of User Input

This is slightly more difficult to fix.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click the Clock, Language, and Region section header
  4. Under the region and Language Header
    1. Click Change Keyboard or other input methods
  5. Click Change Keyboard...
  6. Remove extra keyboards that are not your native keyboard (ie US)
    1. Typically under Other and Ink Correction. Depending on your computer manufacturer this name may be different.
  7. Click ok and exit out of all the above and run FPS again.